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Do you have a mobile version of your website?

Mobile Version of your Website

When reviewing your website during a maintenance period (either refreshing or completely replacing it), it’s important that you prioritize having a mobile version of your website.

Why a Mobile Version?

In the Mobile vs. Desktop Usage in 2020 study from Perficient, most website visits are on mobile devices. If your website does not dynamically convert between a desktop and a mobile version, you may be turning visitors away when they browse your site on a mobile device.

Don’t know if you have a mobile version of your website? You can test it from your desktop!

Determining if you have a mobile version of your website

To determine if you have a mobile version of your website, you can use the browser on your desktop or laptop computer. To start this test, you need to change your browser from “full screen” or “maximized” mode to windowed mode. Now, slowly drag the width of your browser window down until it is just about the same width of your smartphone.

If you see the site dynamically change the way it looks when moving from desktop width to mobile width, you probably have a mobile site. If your site shrinks down to something you can barely read, you probably don’t have a mobile site.

Building a Mobile Site

Building a mobile site is something left to your web development team. The developer will work with your marketing and product management teams to tailor the site to the needs of the markets you serve. 

If you currently don’t have a mobile site, my guess is that your site is over 8 years old and needs to be completely replaced anyway.

What is the typical cost for a new website?

In our experience, we haven’t seen a good website with about 20 pages cost less than $10,000. Honestly, 20 pages is very small for a community financial institution. Typically, most sites are 40+ pages, putting the typical budget easily into the $15,000 to $20,000 range.

Where does the money go? Designing and programming a great website that projects your vision on how your prospective customers will be treated at your institution. You see, your website is the first impression a prospective business customer receives of your institution. If the website is old, outdated or doesn’t have a mobile version, why would a business prospect want to do business with your institution?

If the website feels outdated, is the rest of the institution outdated?

Your business and treasury management customers have no patience for old or outdated vendors – especially business owners who are under the age of 50. It’s 2022 and they expect their vendors to be technology savvy and offer cutting edge services.

So let’s get going on a mobile version of your website. Set aside a good budget for website maintenance so you can continue to serve your community for years to come.

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