Community Bank and Credit Union Strategic Consulting

Our Community Bank and Credit Union strategic consulting services are designed to help Community Banks and Credit Unions become stronger and more successful in their challenging environments. Our approach is strategic, yet practical, with an emphasis on building strong leadership teams, operational infrastructures, enterprise risk management programs, and boards. Here are ways we provide Community Bank and Credit Union strategic consulting, guidance, and support:

Strategic Planning

Your strategic plan sets the course for the institution in a forward-thinking, actionable manner that aligns with your mission and vision.

Leadership Coaching

We help Senior Leadership Teams with accountability, defining their vision, operational efficiencies and transforming their people so they are working together as a healthy and functional team. We draw on a combined 60+ years of professional experience and from a number of top management frameworks to not only be effective but keep things simple.

Enterprise Risk Management

Malzahn Strategic has extensive ERM experience and can guide your institution in developing a simple yet comprehensive program.

Organizational Structure

Community Banks and Credit Unions are comprised of many complex and interrelated disciplines that demand an organizational structure optimized to maximize its unique potential. We can help from creating an organizational (org) chart clearly documenting the reporting structure of the institution to assisting with a complex accountability chart, helping drive accountability across the organization.

Board Services

Bring your board up to modern operating and oversight standards.