Treasury Management Consulting for Community Banks and Credit Unions

Community Bank and Credit Union Treasury Management services (formerly known as Cash Management) are a critical part of maintaining and expanding fee income. Our Treasury Management consulting services help you build an efficient business services group and accelerate revenues and core deposits.

Treasury Management is critical to expanding and maintaining non-interest fee income and Malzahn Strategic’s treasury management consulting services team works with your institution to identify services you currently offer, what you are missing and then develop strategies to deploy and sell the right treasury management services to your business customers or members.

Here are ways our treasury management experts help our clients:

  • We teach your treasury management team on how to maximize the account analysis statement as a tool to cross-sell and identify new fee income opportunities.
  • We assist your team in evaluating your core system or other critical systems on their capabilities and shortcomings, looking for places to improve.
  • We review all treasury management services currently offered and identify enhancements you can implement to further meet the needs of your business customers or members.
  • We help your team with identifying new services that business customers or members may need, but haven’t asked for yet.
  • We help your team to determine which services they need to offer to business customers and members based on industry.
  • Training and guidance on how treasury management integrates with technology, operations, customer support, marketing and sales teams.
  • We help your marketing team develop a solid marketing strategy across modern web services and tools.
  • We work with your sales and marketing teams to develop a solid outbound marketing framework to keep your treasury management sales pipeline full.
  • We work with the treasury management leader in your organization to identify the ideal organizational design for treasury management and how to incentivize treasury management sales teams.
  • We assist the treasury management leader in developing a set of metrics to run the treasury management area on hard data, not assumptions.
  • We assist your team in building processes to implement treasury management services – risk managed from the first day.
  • We assist your team with choosing the right digital payment strategy for client’s business customers or members.
  • We assist your team in developing and deploying methodologies and frameworks to increase customer or member satisfaction with your treasury management services.
  • We coach your treasury management leader, providing guidance and training in all phases of your treasury management transformation.
  • Our treasury management consulting services also assist in identifying new authentication methods to enhance our client’s service security.

Our approach to treasury management is to 1) discover what you currently offer; define the 2) vision of where your organization wants to go; and then 3) assist with executing and implementing the vision. 

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about how we assist clients with community bank and credit union treasury management services.

In addition to our consulting services, our Treasury Management Framework, TMClarity, is an ideal way to continuously train your TM staff and build your treasury management practice.