Community Bank and Credit Union Management Consulting

Malzahn Strategic provides Community Bank and Credit Union management consulting services in the areas of Strategic Planning, Enterprise Risk Management, Treasury Management, Talent Management, Executive Leadership Coaching, Board Services, Training Services, Organization Structure and Best Practices Consulting all designed to help leadership teams strengthen their institutions.

Strategic Planning

Your strategic plan is intended to guide the institution in a forward-thinking manner that aligns with your mission and vision. Strategic planning is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process that requires the participation of your entire leadership team. Your strategic plan should be reviewed at least annually to determine whether it still reflects the needs and interests of your institution.

Treasury Management

Treasury Management services are a critical part of maintaining and expanding non-interest fee income. This is especially critical for community banks and credit unions that are experiencing declining margins in the face of an extremely competitive market. By leveraging technology to improve the efficiency of Treasury Management services, community banks and credit unions can increase their fee income while reducing costs.

Enterprise Risk Management

We have extensive experience in enterprise risk management and can guide your institution to develop a simple yet comprehensive program. Our approach is to develop a risk management program that is tailored to your institution’s needs, while still providing the benefits of a comprehensive program. We can help you develop and implement policies and procedures using existing resources.

Leadership Coaching

We help leadership teams work more productively together, by providing them with accountability as well as guidance on how to define their vision and get their operations running smoothly.

Talent Management

To fulfill your vision, you need the right people in the right places. You need people who see the big picture, who care about the vision and will do whatever it takes to get it done. You need people with integrity who consistently live out their values and lead by example. You need people who are committed to achieving your vision, not just doing what they’re told or taking orders from above.

Financial Institution Training Services

We offer training in strategic planning, treasury management, and enterprise risk management for community banks and credit unions. Our goal is to help you improve your financial performance, reduce risk and increase efficiency. Our training programs are designed to be relevant, engaging and interactive. They are delivered by experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges you face as a community bank or credit union.

Financial Institution Start-ups, Branch Openings/Closings

Malzahn Strategic helps you manage the project from start to finish or provide support in areas where you need help. Our team works with you to create a plan for your project and determine how much time and resources are needed for each phase of your project, keeping it on time and on budget.

Organization Structure

Enhance your institution's organizational structure to make the most of its unique potential. In order to tap into your institution’s full potential and maximize its impact, you need a solid foundation. This is how you lay the groundwork for future growth and development. As your institution grows, so should its organization structure.

Operational Best Practices

Bring your operations up to date with the latest industry best practices. Create a culture of continuous improvement by assessing your operations and performance on a regular basis. We’ll help you update and streamline your business processes, so that you can stay competitive.

Board Services

Bring your board of directors up to speed with modern standards. Your board of directors is a powerful group of people. They help you set strategy and make decisions about important issues. But if your board members don’t understand the modern standards for corporate governance, they can make bad decisions that hurt your institution.