Community Bank and Credit Union Board Services

Our community bank and credit union board services strengthen your board of directors by clarifying structure, roles, and responsibilities help your institution optimize this critical role in providing corporate governance.

Our community bank and credit union board services can help determine the optimum board structure, define directors’ roles and responsibilities, establish board committees with formal committee charters, and create board training programs.

Board Structure is based on your asset size and the market niche your institution specializes in. The final outcome can be a mix of optimum board size (number of directors) or the business or community experience you may be missing on your board.

When we help define the directors’ roles and responsibilities, we clarify the role of the directors versus management team so your directors are involved, but not into the “weeds” of management. Helping the directors clarify their fiduciary responsibility in the various areas of the institution can help resolve some of the ambiguity that can form between directors and the management team.

Community financial institutions need to have certain formal committees at the board level. These include audit and risk committee as well as a loan and asset/liability committees. In addition, you may need a compensation committee. All these committees should have their own charters and we help you develop them. Because most community bank and credit union boards are small in size, we coach you on structuring the committees according to your size and level of expertise at the board level.

We can directly train your Board of Directors in the areas of Enterprise Risk Management, Talent Management, and Strategic Planning. We ensure the management team includes the appropriate training for directors so they stay on top of their fiduciary duties and responsibilities – knowing what they need to know and allowing management to run the institution.

We can also help you fill an organizational need by serving as a board director with audit, risk and A/L committee responsibilities, act in the capacity of corporate secretary, or help you structure community bank stock and shareholder transactions: We have experience structuring convertible and non-convertible debentures at the holding company level and can work with your attorneys and lenders to provide additional capital sources.

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