Community Bank and Credit Union Leadership Coaching

To stay competitive in today’s uncertain environment, consider leadership coaching to help your senior leadership team grow and help your community bank or credit union achieve its goals.

Our Community Bank and Credit Union Leadership Coaching services help Senior Leadership Teams with accountability, defining their vision, operational efficiencies and transforming their people so they are working together as a healthy and functional team. We draw on a combined 60+ years of professional experience and from a number of top management frameworks to not only be effective but keep things simple.

Our Community Bank and Credit Union Leadership Coaching services helps your team through several coaching practices:

Personal Coaching for Executive Leadership Team Members

Marcia Malzahn coaches senior leadership team members such as the CEO, President or any other member of the senior leadership team. She is a certified life coach and has assisted many individuals from helping emerging leaders and family members moving into leadership roles to be comfortable in their new position to seasoned leaders looking for an accountability coach (because everyone needs a coach).

Quarterly Vision Meetings

Our Quarterly Vision Meeting structure keeps your senior leadership team focused and on-task to achieve their quarterly personal and business goals, thus achieving their annual strategic objectives. Both Marcia and Tim participate in these full day sessions – keeping the team accountable to their goals.

Personal Coaching for IT Department Leadership

Our IT Department leadership coaching is led by Tim Malzahn, who has 30+ years of experience in delivering exceptional customer service in the IT field. From metrics to service ticket reduction to staff development, Tim helps your IT leaders deliver value to the organization.

Fractional Integrator

If your institution is self-implementing EOS® or Traction, or even if you are utilizing a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer®, sometimes it is difficult to carve out the Integrator duties from existing staff. We have years of experience in the Integrator seat, understand the EOS systems very well and can help your senior leadership team be stronger in the Six Key Components®, accountable, on track, and accomplishing their goals.

Next Steps

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