Community Bank and Credit Union Organizational Structure

Community banks and credit unions are comprised of many complex and interrelated disciplines that demand an organizational structure optimized to maximize its unique potential.

Did you know that having the incorrect organizational reporting structure for your community bank or credit union can hinder non-interest income? We have seen many examples of the incorrect structure that basically eliminates certain business product income just because of which sales team was responsible for selling those services.

We can help create an organizational (org) chart clearly documenting the reporting structure of the institution to assisting with a complex accountability chart, helping drive accountability across the organization.

What is an accountability chart? An accountability chart is a record of who is responsible for each major function in an organization. Accountability charts differ from organizational (org) charts in that org charts typically document who reports to whom, where an accountability chart documents the seats in an organization and which seat is responsible for each accountability. From there, we add the staff to each seat – evaluating if they have the capacity to perform in that role.

Both are important for community banks and credit unions. Contact us if your leadership team is interested in having Malzahn Strategic assist in creating them.

How do we do it? Both an org chart and accountability chart are relatively simple to build, but both take some time for your leadership teams to accomplish. We recommend building an accountability chart first. This helps document who is responsible for every major function in the organization. Accountability charts typically take about 90 days to create as they generate a significant number of questions for the leaders creating them. By doing the accountability chart first, the leadership team can quickly address potential accountability issues before we press on to the org chart.

Once the accountability chart is ready, the org chart is relatively painless as most of the time, potential reporting issues are resolved during the accountability chart process.

Ready to start on your community bank and credit union organizational structure? Contact us.