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Building Business Pages on your Website

Building business pages on your website

Need a starter on building business pages on your website? We’ve put together some site design tips to help your website better highlight your treasury management and business focused services.

Get the Structure Right

Did you know that the URL structure is an important part of the visibility of your pages? It not only helps the search engine find the pages so they can be indexed, but it also helps your site visitors easily navigate your site. Here is a sample business pages (Treasury Management) section for your website:

  • Concentrate all business services into their own structure. We recommend building a landing page for all treasury management services. Call this page “Business Services” and use the URL of
  • Your business services landing page should have an overview of the businesses services you offer and a link to each detail description page describing that service.
  • Create a detailed description page for each of the business services you offer. These pages will be under the /business-services/ landing page you just created. For instance, if you offer positive pay, the detail page for this service would be /business-services/positive-pay/. If you do ag lending, a detail page for this service could be /business-services/ag-lending/ (although one could argue that ag lending is a service line all to its own and deserves its own landing page structure).

Write Good Content

Once you have your pages re-arranged in the new site structure, your pages need to deliver value to the reader. How do you deliver value? Provide great information about the services – not only the features, but the results and benefits to the business who utilizes them.

Each page should be around 500 words and include a good service description, who this service is for, a few screen shots of the service, and a FAQ section for that service. You can even add a two-minute video to describe the service. These are easy to produce as you can just do a voice-over narration of a PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to explaining the deliverables for that service, you can also include a detailed write up on how to use the service. Don’t just provide a link to a PDF file, include the entire instructional document right on the page (this adds to your page length helping search results) in addition to providing a link to a PDF version of the same instructions.

Once you have it written, begin to improve it by making it easier to read by using this post at Mighty Citizen.

Finally, write your content with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. This will help search engines index the pages on your site. When a prospective customer searches for content related to a treasury management service you offer, if formatted properly, your page will display in the search results page.

Now, go get busy building business pages on your website by refreshing your content to help drive traffic to your treasury management services.

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