Talent Management Consulting for Community Banks and Credit Unions

With a tight labor market, your Community Bank and Credit Union talent management program combined with strategic succession planning can be the difference to finding and keeping top talent.

Our talent management consulting services, specializing in succession planning, help you get the right people in the right seats, helping you move forward to fulfill your vision and mission.

Every company, regardless of industry, is trying to figure out how to attract and retain the right talent. Organizations are also striving to achieve their goals and fulfill their vision described in their strategic plan. But how do you attract and retain talent while achieving your objectives and fulfilling your vision?

We will help you assess your institution’s internal talent to discover and maximize the strengths within your organization. Guided by your strategic initiatives and goals, we will review roles and job descriptions, and assess the need for new, modified or discontinued positions. We ensure your organizational design fits your institution’s size and complexity while accommodating for future growth.

We assist your organization in creating a strong talent management program by helping you design and implement the following key components:

Talent Management Assessments

  • We help you identify the right tools to assess your current staff’s talents with the goal to understand who the right people are and putting them in the right places.
  • We guide you in designing and conducting discovery sessions to understand your employees’ desires for future growth and to identify knowledge gaps.
  • We work with you to identify key roles in the organization, create cross-training programs, write job descriptions, and clarify roles.
  • We assist you in developing accountabilities for all positions in the organization starting with the senior leadership team.

Succession Planning

  • We help you identify key positions that need immediate succession and positions that are crucial to the organization that must always have a backup.
  • We work with you to create a culture of cross-training and have backups for all jobs. This approach helps your organization retain the long-term talent leaving the organization.
  • We develop a succession planning process and establish succession plans based on employees’ talents and expertise.
  • We help you execute the strategic plan by coaching the successors who are the up and coming leaders taking over executive positions.

Education and Training

  • Once you have a formal talent management program, we train your leadership on how to integrate it into your strategic plan.
  • We help your Human Resources professional develop tracking processes to track all employees.
  • We work with your HR staff on developing training programs appropriate to the various career paths in banking.
  • We assist your HR staff and leadership on how to attract the right talent and provide guidance on how to retain the right talent.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

  • We provide you with talent acquisition and retention strategies and guide your HR personnel on implementing these strategies.
  • We work with you on developing career paths while also implementing personal development strategies for your employees. Developing your top talent is an effective talent retention strategy.
  • We provide training on personal development skills such as negotiation skills, networking, mentoring, presentation, and presence.
  • We provide leadership development for your senior leaders through personalized executive coaching.
  • We help you establish an informal mentoring program within your organization as part of your succession plan implementation.

We are here to assist your community bank or credit union in formalizing or developing a strong talent management program that will result in attracting and retaining the right talent.