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Community Bank or Credit Union Startups (De Novo), Branch Openings and Closings are some initiatives that don’t come along every day, and demand the experienced guidance and support of someone who can work with you, your board and internal team throughout the process.

Malzahn Strategic can manage your community bank or credit union startup ( DeNovo ), branch opening or closing projects from start to finish, or support the effort in areas you need help. Here are some of the services we offer as part of our community bank or credit union startup ( DeNovo ), branch opening or closings services:

  • We can work with attorneys, accountants, leasing companies, architects, regulators and other involved parties to help ensure a smooth project from start to finish for either your startup project or branch opening project.
  • We can facilitate vendor selection and outsourcing agreements to provide the right mix of products and services to your community bank or credit union startup or branch opening. If you don’t have a vendor evaluation or vetting process, we will assist you in developing one as part of the vendor management aspects of your ERM plan.
  • We help define organizational infrastructure; assist your staff in developing policies, procedures and position descriptions and, if needed, assist in the hiring process to make sure your staffing is proper and the right people in the right seats from day one.
  • We can assist with communicating with customers or members, community leaders, boards of directors and others important to the process to keep the information flowing and keep all parties “in the loop” regarding the status of the project.
  • We can plan and coordinate branch opening activities from the “Operations Best Practices” point of view, making sure all stakeholders are taken care of, help your leadership team find the right mix of staffing and assisting in finding the right reporting structure so the branch staff feels “connected” to the rest of the organization.