Community Bank and Credit Union Operations Best Practices

Community Bank or Credit Unions are comprised of many complex and interrelated disciplines that demand that processes be built on operations best practices.

Our community bank and credit union operations best practices consulting services help you identify potential places for efficiency improvements across operations areas based on best practices such as:

  • Internal Audit & Compliance: We can review your internal audit & compliance program and related documentation to ensure appropriate enterprise risk management ( ERM ) integration. Having your ERM program and internal audit & compliance programs in alignment can lead toward reduced risk and a stronger institution. In addition to evaluating the programs themselves, we can help ensure the staff leading these important areas are the right person for the job and they are in the correct part of the reporting structure of the organization.
  • Finance: We can assist in establishing processes to improve the budgeting and reporting processes to ensure it aligns with your strategic plan and your leadership team is equipped with the necessary data to make the correct business decisions. We also assist clients in evaluating finance teams, helping them with job accountabilities and making sure they report up to the appropriate leadership team member in the organizational structure.
  • Information Technology: We can work with your team to ensure that your vendor management program and IT security program are integrated into both your strategic plan and enterprise risk management plan. In addition to this, we can assist with the vendor selection process ensuring you select the correct vendors for your services. We can also assist with evaluating where outsourcing IT functions make business sense and when to bring in outside IT help in situations where internal resources may be stretched or no longer meet the organization’s needs.
  • Human Resources: We can assist in streamlining the creation and maintenance of job descriptions; integrating your institution’s core values and individual job accountabilities to drive accountability across the organization. Additionally, we can help your organization build the correct structure with our organizational structure consulting services.