Community Bank Risk Assessments ERM Training

Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program – ERM, IT, and Internal Controls | Community Bank

Topic: ERM
Audience: Community Banks
Format: 90 Minute Webinar or 2-Hour Workshop

This webinar is for participants who have a basic foundational knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management and are looking for specific examples on how to complete these three important Risk Assessments.

The presenter will first conduct a basic review of what is ERM, the three key phases of ERM, and how Risk Assessments fit in. Then the presenter will explain how the Risk Assessment Process works and will specifically focus on three key Risk Assessments you must have as critical components of your ERM Program: Enterprise Risk Management Risk Assessment, Information Technology Risk Assessment, and the Internal Controls Risk Assessment. The presenter will focus on the consequences of not implementing controls and provide examples of mitigating and monitoring tools banks can use to mitigate the effects of the various risk categories. You will walk away with practical tools and examples you can implement in your organization immediately.

This community bank risk assessments training / webinar is for participants who have a basic foundational knowledge of enterprise risk management and are looking for specific examples on how to complete these three important risk assessments. 

Covered Topics

Part I:

  • ERM quick overview and key definitions
  • Three Key Phases of ERM and how Risk Assessments fit in
  • The Risk Assessment Process
  • ERM Risk Assessment – Complete example

Part II:

  • Information Technology Risk Assessment
    • Definitions
    • Areas Assessed
    • Categories Included
  • IT Risk Assessment – Complete example

Part III:

  • Internal Controls Risk Assessment
    • Definitions
    • Areas Assessed
    • Categories Included
  • Internal Controls Risk Assessment – Complete example

Who Should Attend

This informative community bank risk assessments training session is designed for Risk Managers and Risk Leaders, Chief Risk Officers, Compliance Officers, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Credit Officer, Internal Auditors, and the entire risk management team.

Why You Should Attend

To learn more in-depth how to complete these three key risk assessments for ERM, IT, and Internal Controls.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Quick overview of ERM key definitions and the three ongoing phases
  2. Learn about the Risk Assessment Process and key steps
  3. How to identify and assess your institution’s risks using the ERM Risk Assessment Matrix
  4. Characteristics of Risk Assessments based on industry best practices
  5. How to prioritize your institution’s risks once identified
  6. How to complete the IT Risk Assessment
  7. How to complete the Internal Controls Risk Assessment

Topic Background

Enterprise Risk Management has been around since the 1980’s but it has now become more prominent in the community banking industry due to increased global risks. Community banks that have an ERM program established are better positioned to grow successfully. The ERM program based on best practices ensures banks have a strong foundation and solid infrastructure which helps them foresee and prepare for future risks while achieving their organization’s vision.

Risk assessments are at the core of the ERM program. Community Banks need to conduct risk assessments in multiple areas. In this session, we focus on three key risk assessments.

Note: This is #3 of 3 in the Malzahn Strategic Enterprise Risk Management for Community Banks training series.

Upcoming Schedules

August 22, 2024 @ 10:00 am to 11:30 am (CT)

Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program – ERM, IT, and Internal Controls 

October 1, 2024 @ 10:00 am to 11:30 am (CT)

Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program – ERM, IT, and Internal Controls 

November 14, 2024 @ 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm (CT)

Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program – ERM, IT, and Internal Controls 

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“My colleagues and I recently participated in your “3 Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program” webinar. We genuinely found it to be the most informative and valuable ERM webinar we have ever attended. We were so impressed that we plan to rewatch it using the on-demand playback feature and invite more people to join us.”
Gina Kapusta
AVP Compliance Officer
Thomaston Savings Bank

“I just wanted to reach out and say I found your webinar yesterday very informative. I’m completely new to the banking world and took a job as the bank’s risk officer. I have spent a lot of time watching various webinars these past 6 months and I found this one probably one of the most informative and relatable, so thank you.” 

Whitney Esry
Risk and Information Security Officer


“Your examples…are so good, you might have trained yourself out of a coaching job.” 
Paul Thronson
Director of IT Services
Heritage Bank

Your webinar “Three Key Risk Assessments in you ERM Program: ERM, IT, and Internal Controls” was one of the best Risk Assessment Webinars I’ve attended. 
Doug Goss
Manager of IT, ISO, SO
Wayne Bank

“We appreciate your breaking this topic down this way and providing us the tools and direction to manage it.” 
Sarah Ruffin
First Vice President
The National Bank of Texas

“I have been listening to your three part series on ERM. I have found it very helpful.” 
Bonita Flynn
Community State Bank

“Thank you for the presentation – I thought it was very well presented.” 
Angie Pena
Treasury Management
Allegiance Bank

“Thanks for hosting a very insightful and thoughtful webinar this morning.” 
Brian Kern
VP Commercial Lending
Merchants and Manufacturers Bank

“I was able to takeaway a lot of good information. Thank you for presenting.” 
Dan Hennen

“I enjoyed your presentation on ERM. You made the process sound so easy and as you explained things, we realized we have a lot of the pieces, we probably just need to organize it better.” 
Sheila Crystaloski
Chief Technology Officer
Standard Bank of PA

“Thank you for the informative webinar on Key Risk Assessments.” 
Sarah Yagla
Internal Auditor
Farmers State Bank

“Your presentation was very beneficial for our risk management team.” 
Shannon Capps
Executive Vice President
Union State Bank

“Thank you for your guidance.” 
Allan Towle
Fidelity State Bank & Trust Co.

“Thank you for your insight.” 
Carlyn Carey
Corporate Counsel & Compliance Officer
The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod

“Thank you very much for the really great and informative webinar.” 
Pam Westland
Compliance Officer
People’s Bank of Commerce

“We very much enjoyed your presentation yesterday.” 
Michelle Morse
Internal Audit Manager
Norway Savings Bank

“I really enjoyed your webinar presentation.” 
Ronnie Bridges

The First National Bank of Tom Bean

“I just attended your ERM webinar…very helpful.” 
Melissa Neun
VP Risk Management
Northfield Savings Bank
“The information is excellent and timely” 
Wendy Baker
Oakwood Bank
“I enjoyed the webinar and found it to be very educational. I really enjoyed how you brought it all together in an easy to understand format.” 
Amanda Smith
Enterprise Operational Risk Analyst
First Federal Bank
“I got a lot out of your webinar and felt you presented the material very well.” 
Michael Johnson
SVP and Chief Risk Officer
Central Bancshares Inc.
“It was a great webinar.” 
Jennifer Eckert
Compliance Officer
Heartland Bank
“Love your presentation, because concepts were presented in a simple and easy way to understand them.” 
Arelis Tejeda 
Operational Risk Supervisor 
Popular Bank
“We attended the Three Key Risk Assessment webinar yesterday, and first of all wanted to thank you for the valuable information you shared which will be very beneficial as our institution is in the process of creating an ERM.” 
Misael Sanchez
Compliance Administrator
Riyad Bank
“This is the second of your presentations I have attended and I have enjoyed them both. I think you do a great job on this.” 
Glen Valentine
VP/Chief Risk Officer
The First National Bank and Trust Company of Newtown

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