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Community Bank Strong Risk Assessments Training

Topic: ERM
Audience: Community Banks
Format: 90 Minute Webinar or 2-Hour Workshop

Community Bank Strong Risk Assessments Training. Risk Assessments are at the core of a strong ERM Program. Therefore, developing strong risk assessments for all key areas of the financial institution is crucial. Financial Institutions provide great value to the American economy. But that value comes with risks. Strategic-minded institutions do not strive to eliminate risk or even to minimize it – they strive to manage risk at the enterprise-wide level. These enterprises seek to manage risk exposure so that, at any given time, they incur just enough of the right kind of risk—no more, no less—to effectively pursue their strategic goals. This is referred to as “Optimal Risk-Taking.” This webinar will take you through the characteristics of strong Risk Assessments to ensure you address key areas of your institution. Marcia Malzahn will share her experience in developing an enterprise-wide process to conduct Risk Assessments in a practical, sustainable, and easy way to understand. You will walk away with practical tools and examples you can implement in your organization immediately. This webinar will help you strengthen your existing Risk Assessments and create new ones for other areas as needed.

Topics Covered:

  • Overall view of enterprise risk management and key components
  • The three key phases of ERM and how risk assessments fit in
  • The Risk Assessment Process to enhance existing risk assessments
  • Risk Assessment Characteristics of strong risk assessments and goals
  • What is a Risk Assessment System (RAS) and its relationship to CAMELS rating
  • The top eight risks and other important ones
  • How to conduct an ERM risk assessment using a matrix – The core of risk assessments
  • The various types of risk assessments based on the area of risk and what they consist of
  • Examples of ongoing monitoring and reporting tools

Who Should Attend:

This informative session is designed for Risk Managers/Leaders, Chief Risk Officers, Compliance Officers, Internal Auditors, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Credit Officer, and the entire risk management team.

Why You Should Attend

To obtain a better understanding on how to strengthen your existing risk assessments and create/develop enterprise-wide risk assessments for new areas. To understand the Risk Assessment System and how it works together with the CAMELS rating from the regulatory perspective. Learn about how to identify unique risks to your institution that are beyond the regulators’ top risk categories. Learn about the various risk assessments and the areas you need to assess in your community bank.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. High level review of ERM and its three phases
  2. Learn about the Risk Assessment Process and key steps to strengthen existing risk assessments
  3. How to identify and assess your bank’s risks enterprise-wide
  4. Characteristics and goals of risk assessments based on industry best practices
  5. How to develop appropriate Risk Assessment Criteria
  6. Annual risk assessments recommended
  7. How to use examples of monitoring and reporting tools

Topic Background

Enterprise Risk Management has been around since the 1980’s but it has now become more prominent in the banking industry due to increased global risks. Community banks that have an ERM program established are better positioned to grow successfully. The ERM program based on best practices ensures banks have a strong foundation and solid infrastructure which helps them foresee and prepare for future risks while achieving their organization’s vision.

Risk assessments are at the core of the ERM program. Community Banks need to conduct risk assessments in multiple areas. In this community bank strong risk assessments training, we focus on how to develop strong enterprise-wide risk assessments.


Note: This is #2 of 3 in the Malzahn Strategic Enterprise Risk Management for Community Banks training series.

Upcoming Schedule

July 25, 2024 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am (CT)

Characteristics of Strong Risk Assessments and Tools to Monitor and Report Results

October 17, 2024 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm (CT)

Characteristics of Strong Risk Assessments and Tools to Monitor and Report Results

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“Incredible webinar today – Thank you so much for the information.” 
Sean Peters
Enterprise Risk Analyst

Republic Bank of Chicago

“I just attended your webinar ‘Developing an Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment’ and it was very informative and helpful.”
Sharice Wilson Smalls
Loan Servicing
Carver State Bank

“I really enjoyed your program this afternoon and found it very informative.” 
Glenn Valentine
VP Chief Risk Officer
The First National Bank and Trust Company of Newtown
“I attended your webinar today with members of my team. Thank you for the presentation and ideas you shared, there were some nice takeaways.” 
Elizabeth Clarkson
EVP, Deputy Enterprise Risk Officer
Umpqua Bank

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